Prof. Narita(left), Prof. Wanke (founder of Blitzortung.org)

Tomomi Narita, Ph.D

Department of Electrical and Electric Engineering
Shonan Institute of Technology

Academic background
Doctor, The University of Tokyo

Work experience
Electric power laboratory, Tokyo electric power company
(Research theme : lightning phenomenon, insulation design, lightning protection design, lightning location system)

2018, 2017,2016 Meteorological award / Weather news Inc.
2017, Ig Nobel Prize in Japan
2017, President Award for installing Blitzortung for the first time in India, Andhra University India

Media coveragese
“Bosai”, commented on how to protect yourselves, NHK world, 2018/7/11

“Lightning sensor inaugurated”, The HINDU、2017/11/24
“After Meghalaya, Vizang gets lightning sensor”, TIME NATION、2017/11/24
“Lightning sensor inaugurated in AU dept”, THE NEW INDIAN EXPRESS ,2017/11/24
“Lightning sensor inaugurated”, Eenadu, 2017/11/24
“How to prevent lightning disaster in Asia”, Tokyo Newspaper, 2017/11/12
“Pursuing useful lighting research”, Town news, 2017/10/13
“Starting volunteering lightning observation system”, Kanagawa newspaper, 2017/8/27
“A professor who observes lightning with AKIBA parts, Asahi newspaper, 2017/5/12
“World lightning location system installed in Sapporo” Hokkaido newspaper, 2017/4/24
“Lightning strike information, instantly on web”, Asahi newspaper, 2017/4/13
“Lighting information in Asia, Oceania, now possible on web”,Electric newspaper, 2017/4/13
“Lightning observation in cooperation with world ”,Tokyo newspaper, 20174/8
“Super low cost lightning location system, introduced first time in Japan”, Electric newspaper, 2016/7/25
“Helpful lightning poisoning system for disaster prevention ”, Town news, 2016/8/19

“Super rare cases”, commented on why a person survived lightning strike accident, TV Asahi, 2017/10/9/
“Chokugeki LIVE Goody”, commened on lightning accident at fireworks festival , Fuji TV, 2017/8/22
“Life etc” commented on latest lightning protection, NHK TV, 2017/8/2
“Super J cannel “ coverage on Blitzotung system as introduced first time in Japan, TV Asahi, 2017/6/28

#and 5 other coverages


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